Thursday, May 31, 2012

People And Pebbles

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Round, oblong, circular.
Small, medium, large, in between.
Striped, mottled, spotted, plain.
Striking, subtle, none the same.
Each unique, each its own.
Each a beauty, each alone.
All treasured, measured, valued.
All created, shaped, hand-hewn.
Just as pebbles are nary the same
So are we, God made.
Copyright 2012 Tracia Bussey
Source: My Photo

On a trip to Maine one year, we visited a beach along the Atlantic coast. I was amazed at all the beautiful rocks along the water's edge. They were in many shapes, sizes, colors and designs. I had never seen anything like it before. It was such a contrast to the powder white sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast, of which I was most familiar with. I picked up as many of the lovely little jewels (rocks) as I thought I could possibly carry in my pockets and brought them home with me. I hadn't thought about these lovelies in a long time until just the other day when my grandchildren were visiting. I brought the rocks out and prepared a glass of water. I showed my granddaughter how each one was pretty, but when it was dropped into the water, the colors and designs suddenly became more vibrant. That was when my mind began thinking about how God designed each of us, so differently and beautifully hand crafted.

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