Friday, April 27, 2012

Prayer For God's Transformation Power

Oh God, help us to carry the burning coal of Your love.  Give us wisdom and ability to relay the words You want spoken; for endurance and fervency to weep, pray and fast for hearts to be open and receptive to the truth; for humbleness to recognize we're only vessels in the Master's hand; for repentance to continually be in our hearts and for Christ to be seen in our lives.
Lord, that we will train an army instead of entertaining an audience.  Inspire passion instead of passivity.  Ignite fires of fervent love for every human being.  Stir hearts of devotion instead of feelings that fade.
Remove the veils of deception that cover our spiritual eyes.  Bring revelation to our sight, let darkness be dispelled so light will illuminate the hidden parts of our lives.  Let us face our failures and turn our ships in obedience to Your way, for there is a crew on board along with passengers that depend on our direction.
Let God be revealed and man exposed.  He is holy, we are not.  Help us to lay down our dependence on man and pick up the supernatural dependence upon God.
Let our motives be exposed and challenged by the righteousness of God.  Dig deeper into our hearts, dig for pure gold.  Turn up the heat and increase the fire so that every bit of dross will rise to the surface and be disposed.  Let only the purest gold be produced, for it alone will stand the test of fire.

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