Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Prayer For God's People

God I pray that our eyes will be open and our hearts be broken.  That we will search for You - not in the wind, nor in the fire or the earth shaking, noise of man, but in Your still small voice, confirmed by Your Word.  I pray that our longings for more of Christ increase and our desires for God never cease. That we'll never stop short of seeing God's Glory revealed on earth.  I know that our time is short and of great importance here on earth.  The urgency of the hour increases each day.  God, shake us and awake us, move Your people out of slumber and sleep.  Let our ears hear Your voice above all the noise of our hectic lives, and most of all, respond to the drawing of Your Spirit.  Cause our hearts to hunger and thirst for more of You and our appetites for this world to decrease.  May our affections be on things above, Lord, reveal Yourself to us in a greater way than we've experienced before.  Show Yourself as the Lion and the Lamb that you are!  Amen!  (Revelation Chapter 5)

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