Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Who Cares?

I Corinthians 15:58 (NIV)  "Be strong and steady, always enthusiastic about the Lord's work, for you know that nothing you do for the Lord is ever useless."

I must admit that this scripture is exactly what I needed to hear today.  How easy it is to get discouraged and down heartened about our efforts for God!  I'm sure I'm not alone in this, or else, there wouldn't be a scripture in the Bible addressing the issue.

I think however, that if most of us were truly honest about our feelings, we would have to admit that we are more concerned that people don't care or feel what we are doing matters.  I know this is quite true for me, because when I begin wondering if it all matters to God, I immediately know it does!  I know that everything I do for Him from my heart, whether big, small or in between is seen and He is pleased, it's the indifference of people that really gets me down.

So it boils down to this same issue that we humans struggle with the most, am I doing what I do for God or for people?  In other words, who do I serve?  If I serve God, then what I do is for God, and ultimately will benefit people.  If I serve people, then what I do is for people, and ultimately benefits no one!

I think that every time we struggle with feeling down and disheartened about our service in God's Kingdom, it would be wise to make an adjustment in our "who I'm doing this for" commitment.  Let's remind ourselves that God was the one we signed up to serve, with our whole heart, our whole mind and our whole being, and that anything we do for Him is never useless!  With this re-established in our hearts, we can re-gain the enthusiasm and strength to continue serving our Lord!

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